Grimsby/Louth group Walk Report Form

Thank you for volunteering to lead a Group walk.

Please will you use the walk itself, and any preliminary visits that you make to the route, to collect information on the state of the paths, bridges, stiles and finger post etc. Please enter your comments on this electronic form, which when submitted, will be sent to our Footpaths Officer.

IMPORTANT! If you find problems with the RoWs, please also submit a report using the RoW report form after sending this one.

Fields marked * are mandatory.

*Date of walk


*Your email address

*Starting point


*Brief description of route

Comment on the state of the paths (bridges, stiles, fingerposts, waymarks etc)

*Number on walk
(if pre-walk, please indicate)


Please note that all members of the Ramblers have Civil Liability Insurance on Rambler- led walks. This does not extend to include pets.

This is NOT Personal Injury cover.

Walk Leaders do not as yet have to do a risk assessment but should at the beginning of the walk point out any potential hazards e.g. busy roads, animals in fields.

Any incident which could possibly result in a future claim must be recorded and reported to the Secretary.

Download accident and incident report forms from Assemble